"What Mrs. Persion finds rewarding about teaching piano is being part of her students' lives." - Nanuet Patch, "Victoria Persion: Teaching Piano, Russia to Nanuet"

"It is beautiful to find such a confident, caring teacher as Victoria. She is spicy, efficient and means business. The progress my daughter has made in just two years is incredible." - Margaret, parent.

"What I like about piano, is that it helps me with my violin practice, and it's very fun learning new songs." - Arya, 9.

"Ms. Persion is a wonderful piano teacher. I started taking lessons about two years ago as a sophomore in high school and now I am soon to graduate. I started off mostly wanting to play jazz piano but have learned so much and experienced many different genres of music playing with Ms. Persion. I now love playing harder classical pieces and just about everything that I can play on piano. Going off to college in a few months these lessons will definitely be missed but I will certainly continue to play. It's a great skill to have and I am so glad I took the time to learn this amazing instrument." - Neil, 18

"Victoria has an uncommon blend of expertise, patience, enthusiastic and warmth. This is my daughter's second year. She is in many activities but her favorite is Piano. It is because of the teacher not because of the instrument. Meeting Victoria has been a blessing to my daughter and my family. She shares her gift selflessly and has such a pleasant way about her. As my daughter says "Victoria is the best teacher ever, because she corrects me when I make a mistake, nicely". - Mr. C., parent

"I like playing the piano, because I have a lot of favorite songs. I like the Spanish song and the song that plays in D, G and C positions. I like to play hard songs instead of easy ones. The piano teacher is very nice to me and other students." - Myra, 7.

"I love getting taught by such an amazing teacher. There were times where I wanted to quit, but inside I truly would not want to leave Victoria. Many songs I have played, seemed impossible, but in the next few weeks they were as easy as eating pie. I hope that Victoria continues to teach children to be piano players, and enjoy what they are doing." - Ellsa, 9.

"My two children have been taking piano lessons with Victoria for almost two years. She has lots of experience and possesses strong teaching skills. She is patient and passionate. Both of my children really enjoy the lessons and their skills have been improved a lot." - Mrs. M., parent.

"I started piano when I was eight years old. Mrs. Persion inspired me so much. She is kind and encouraging. I love piano and I will continue it, hopefully, for the rest of my life." - Maura, 9.

"A gifted teacher, she has teached my son into a pianist!"- Mrs. F., parent

"I like playing happy exciting songs and I love to play for other people, too." - Noah, 7.

"What I really like about her is that she's really patient. She starts with very general and then teaches more and more detailed." - Miyu, 9.

"I love piano! I love to play in front of people and my family. Victoria will correct me if I do something wrong, she will always help me. I love piano!" - Julia, 10

"Piano is so much fun! You learn so many interesting songs. Piano is a very exciting hobby. Piano is my favorite instrument that I ever played. Victoria is the best teacher ever! I LOVE piano!" - Kira, 10

"I like piano because it helps me with clarinet and I like to perform. I played piano for Christmas at the nursing home. It was fun!" - Katiana, 9

"I love piano because I have an awesome teacher Victoria P. I also like piano because I started when I was about 7 years old. When I first started playing I wasn't great, but with Victoria's help I became an amazing pianist. At a few points, I wanted to quit but then I started to play a song and I changed my mind completely. I LOVE PIANO!" - Lauren, 10

"I started playing the piano when I was six years old. Victoria is a great teacher who encourages me to do better and continue playing. I am so glad I found a teacher like her." - Rebekah, 15

"I am very glad to have found Mrs. Victoria Persion as my daughter's piano teacher. She works well with kids and is very thorough in teaching all the technical details to make the piano piece sound beautiful." - Mrs. B., parent

"Mrs. Victoria is a great piano teacher because she helps you on your posture, your arms, and to make your notes strong. She is also very nice and I am happy she is my piano teacher." - Nyrah.